Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness and Automation

The role of SFE and what difference it can bring to your sales force productivity, a lot of queries still remain unanswered.

Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness and Sales Force Automation is aimed to help you clearly understand:

  • The role of Sales Force Effectiveness with respect to different sales force environments
  • The impact of new government policy - National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) on the pharma companies
  • The ideal incentive scheme suitable for the field force as well as sales managers
  • The role and importance of digital media that can be used by pharma companies to enhance marketing excellence
  • The best ways to control and monitor sales force automation
  • Innovative ways for using and analysing data that can be effectively used by different departments

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This website has been designed specifically for Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Senior Managers and Heads of:
  • Sales
  • Sales Force Excellence
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Sales Force Automation
  • MIS
  • IT
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  • Generic Pharma Companies
  • Innovator Pharma Companies
  • Biopharma Companies
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